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At Jensen Auto Service, we want to ensure that your investment in a used vehicle aligns perfectly with your needs and budget. That’s why we offer thorough pre-purchase inspection services that give you the confidence to make informed decisions when buying used vehicles.


Our expertise spans various makes and models, giving us the edge to accurately assess a wide range of vehicles. You can trust that our inspection is not merely a checklist but a comprehensive analysis conducted by professionals who know what they are doing. Our inspection services identify potential issues and provide insights into the vehicle’s overall value.

What is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

When you decide to purchase a used vehicle, it’s crucial to do the pre-purchase inspection process. This service will help identify existing issues of the vehicle’s overall condition including the safety features and mechanical components, and identify any existing issues. Even if the car appears pristine on the surface, there could be current conditions or hidden problems that only an expert inspection can reveal. By investing in this service, you can avoid potentially costly repairs down the road.


At Jensen Auto Service, we are committed to providing the insights you need to make the right choice. While some may consider a test drive and a quick look around enough, we believe in going the extra mile to determine any hidden issues and ensure our customers know what they are getting into.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Potential Damages Detected During Inspection:

A thorough pre-purchase inspection covers a wide range of potential issues, including:

Why Opting for A Pre-Purchase Inspection is Highly Recommended

Wondering why a pre-purchase inspection is an important step? Here’s why it’s highly recommended by expert technicians and machinists:

The Inspection Process

We follow a meticulous and rigorous process when inspecting vehicles. When you bring used vehicles to our auto shop, you can guarantee that we will inspect every nook and cranny. Our expert technicians and machinists will examine the car from top to bottom, inside and out.

What you can expect from our Purchase Inspection Services:

Thorough and Detailed Assessment

Cars often have hidden problems that are not apparent to an untrained eye. Our technicians and machinists at Jensen Auto Service performs thorough and detailed inspections using the latest diagnostic tools. We examine components such as the starter, engine, and transmission to identify underlying issues. You will receive a thorough assessment of the vehicle’s health, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Safety Inspection for Your Peace of Mind

At Jensen Auto Service, we prioritize your safety. Our car inspections include a comprehensive safety check to ensure that all critical systems, including the engine, brakes, steering, suspension, and other safety critical components, are in optimal condition, providing peace of mind while driving.

Detecting Flood Damage

One of the most significant risks when purchasing a used car is unknowingly buying a vehicle with flood damage or pre-existing issues. At Jensen Auto Service, our car inspector can spot even the subtlest indications of flood damage. We thoroughly examine the vehicle’s exterior, paying close attention to the paintwork, body panels, and undercarriage for any signs of water related damage, such as rust, corrosion, or waterlines.

We will also check the interior for any signs of water infiltration. Water damage inside the car can manifest as moldy odors, discolored upholstery, or malfunctioning electronic components. We will inspect whether the vehicle has been exposed to flooding or water related incidents in the past.

Uncovering Potential Issues and Existing Conditions

At Jensen Auto Service, our pre-purchase inspections aim to uncover any hidden conditions or pre-existing issues of the car that might not be immediately evident during a casual inspection. Our detailed car inspection reports will highlight any existing problems or areas that may need future attention.

Once we have inspected your car, the technicians and machinists will conduct a detailed road test to assess the vehicle’s engine performance. This will help us identify potential issues that may not be apparent during a static inspection. Through the road test, we can detect unusual noises, vibrations, or handling problems that could indicate underlying mechanical issues.

Complementary Vehicle History Report

To complement our inspection services, we provide a comprehensive vehicle history report, giving you additional insight into the vehicle’s background. This report includes information on previous car accidents, ownership history, warranty, and any reported maintenance and repairs. Combining our physical inspection with the information from a vehicle history report provides a comprehensive view of the car’s condition and history.

Expert Pre-Purchase Inspections in Utah For All Vehicles

At Jensen Auto Service, we offer comprehensive and reliable services at competitive costs for all types of cars, trucks, SUVs, and even specialty vehicles. We believe every customer deserves an equal level of attention and scrutiny, regardless of the vehicle’s make, model, or age. That’s why we ensure that our experts will provide the same meticulous assessment no matter your preference.


Whether you’re eyeing a brand new model, browsing through dealership inventories, or exploring private seller options, our thorough inspection process guarantees you the knowledge and confidence to make the right choice in purchasing a used vehicle.

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During the inspection, we encourage you to be present so our technicians can walk you through our findings. Our technicians and machinists will explain their observations and answer questions, giving valuable insights into the vehicle’s condition. If necessary, they will suggest repairs or maintenance.

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