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Welcome to Jensen Auto Service, your go to destination for top quality oil change services in Ogden, Utah. We understand that the performance and durability of your engine rely heavily on the quality of the oil circulating through its intricate components. That’s why we take pride in being the expert in full service oil changes among all auto repair shops in Ogden, UT.


As experts in engine maintenance, we know how vital regular oil changes are to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Proper motor oil care is essential for maintaining your engine’s health, whether you are an experienced driver or just got a brand new car.


Our team has extensive knowledge of motor oils and recognizes the unique requirements of every vehicle. When you entrust us with your car, we ensure we utilize the appropriate oil type per your car manufacturer’s recommendation. Furthermore, our skilled technicians and machinists supervise your oil change, enabling us to identify any potential car problems early on and preventing you from incurring expensive repairs in the future.

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Are you curious about the benefits of different motor oils? Explore our range of conventional, synthetic blend, full synthetic, and high mileage motor oils by navigating our website. We’ll help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

From conventional to full synthetic oil change, high mileage motor oil, and more, we have the expertise to handle all your oil change needs. Trust us to make the right recommendations and keep your engine protected and running smoothly.

Remember, proper maintenance starts with routine oil changes, and we’re here to make it easy for you. For your next oil change service, schedule an appointment with us and experience the Jensen Auto Service difference firsthand.

Keep Up With Regular Oil Change Service: Here's Why:

Your engine’s longevity and performance depend on the quality of its motor oil. Over time, motor oil tends to degrade and gather debris, which makes it lose its effectiveness in providing adequate lubrication and safeguarding the engine’s essential parts. This reduces engine performance, lowers fuel efficiency, and even causes damage to the engine.


However, if you keep up with your regular oil change routine, you can avoid wear and tear, ensuring your engine stays lubricated and working at its peak for years. That’s where we step in. At Jensen Auto Service, we understand the significance of regular oil changes for your car’s engine.


Our mission is to change your oil and protect your car’s engine. Regularly changing your oil can increase the engine lifespan and fuel efficiency.

Choose The Right Oil For Your Vehicle

Choosing the right oil for your car can be daunting with so many options. However, no need to worry; our experts are here to guide you in making the correct choice. We assess your car’s age, driving patterns, and the manufacturer’s recommendations to select the most suitable motor oil for your vehicle.

At our auto repair shop, we offer various types of motor oil for your oil change needs. You can select from conventional, synthetic blends and full synthetic oils, each providing distinct advantages. Our engine specialists can assist you in choosing the appropriate oil for your vehicle based on factors such as age, mileage, and manufacturer recommendations.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is a standard option for most vehicles and everyday driving conditions. Crafted from a blend of high quality base oils and additives, it delivers reliable engine protection, ensuring your car’s longevity and optimal performance. Whether you’re driving a compact sedan, a powerful SUV, or a robust pickup truck, conventional oil stands strong as a versatile lubricant for various engine types.

At Jensen Auto Service, we recommend conventional oil for drivers who undertake typical daily commutes, city driving, or standard highway trips. If your driving habits do not entail severe conditions like extreme temperatures, towing heavy loads, or extended idling periods, conventional oil is more than up to the task.

Plus, if you’re the type of car owner who prioritizes adhering to regular oil change schedules, this option is a financially sensible choice. Why sacrifice quality for your engine’s well-being when you can have both without breaking the bank? It’s the optimal balance between performance and cost effectiveness, providing exceptional value for every mile driven.

Synthetic Oil Change

Many modern vehicles benefit from synthetic oil, offering enhanced protection and performance. Synthetic oil provides durable wear protection and maintains its properties even under high temperatures. With synthetic oil, your engine will experience improved engine protection and efficiency, ensuring a longer life for your vehicle.

At Jensen Auto Service, we take pride in bringing you the finest synthetic motor oil to complement your modern vehicle’s needs. Whether you choose synthetic oil based on your manufacturer’s recommendation or your desire for superior performance, rest assured that our skilled technicians and machinists offer this exceptional oil to elevate your driving experience.

Say goodbye to sluggish starts and rough idling, as this oil’s superior lubricating properties contribute to smoother and more efficient engine operation. Experience the power at your command as your vehicle responds to your every whim with newfound vitality. With synthetic oil powering your engine, you can expect many benefits.

Your engine will revel in improved protection against the rigors of daily driving, maintaining its efficiency and power delivery. This means smoother acceleration, reduced fuel consumption, and a quieter ride.

High Mileage Motor Oil

For drivers with high mileage vehicles, we recommend high mileage motor oil, specially formulated to provide durable wear protection and ensure your engine keeps running smoothly. The advantages of high mileage motor oil extend far beyond its wear protection capabilities. By choosing high mileage oil, you’re investing in the long term health of your vehicle.

It revitalizes aging seals, gaskets, and other engine components, reducing the likelihood of leaks and enhancing overall performance. With each key turn, you’ll experience the difference as your engine thrives under the nourishing care of high mileage motor oil.

At Jensen Auto Service, our expert auto technicians and machinists will thoroughly assess your vehicle’s age and mileage to determine if high mileage motor oil is the right fit. We take the guesswork out of the equation, ensuring you receive personalized recommendations tailored to your engine’s unique requirements. After determining whether your vehicle would benefit from high mileage motor oil based on age and mileage, we will always recommend the right oil for your engine’s specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Full Synthetic Oil

If you’re looking for the best engine protection and performance, our full synthetic oil is the way to go. With advanced additives, it unlocks the true power of lubrication, reduces friction, and provides unbeatable engine protection. This means your engine will run at peak efficiency, giving you a smooth, responsive, and fuel efficient ride every time.


So, if you want to enjoy the ultimate engine protection and performance, a full synthetic oil change is the way to go. At Jensen Auto Service, we exclusively use high quality full synthetic oils, such as Premium Valvoline, to deliver the utmost care for your engine. Our technicians and machinists are well versed in handling full synthetic oil changes, ensuring precision and efficiency with every service.


By opting for full synthetic oil, you’re making a proactive decision to protect your engine, unleash its full performance potential, and prolong its life.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic Blend Oil is the ideal choice for drivers who desire the benefits of both conventional and full synthetic oils. It combines the reliability of conventional oil with the advanced features of full synthetic oil, creating a powerful formula that caters to a wide range of driving conditions and engine types.

At Jensen Auto Service, we prioritize your needs and preferences. That’s why we proudly offer synthetic blend oil to cater to customers who seek this balance between conventional and full synthetic oil. We believe in providing options that align with your requirements, empowering you to make informed decisions about your engine’s well being.

So, if you value engine protection and performance, our Synthetic Blend Oil is a compelling option. It offers enhanced lubrication, reducing friction and wear, leading to a healthier and more efficient engine. With this balanced oil, you can confidently navigate daily commutes, road trips, and everything in between, knowing your engine is well protected.

Don’t Forget Your Oil Filter!

diesel filter

During an oil change, it’s essential also to replace your vehicle’s oil filter. The oil filter traps contaminants and debris that can accumulate in the oil over time. By regularly getting a new oil filter, you can ensure your engine receives clean oil, free from harmful particles that could otherwise cause damage.

At Jensen Auto Service, we use only the best oil filters to give your engine optimum filtration and protection. When you entrust us with your oil change service, you can rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in caring for your vehicle.

Peek To Our Oil Change Routine Here At Jensen Auto Service

At Jensen Auto Service, our oil change process is a seamless and efficient journey that leaves your car running smoothly and your mind at ease. Take a closer look at what you can expect during your oil change service with us:
Thorough Inspection: Our team of skilled technicians and machinists begins by conducting a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to assess what type of motor oil is best for its engine. This meticulous examination allows us to understand your vehicle’s unique needs fully.
Oil Drain and Filter Replacement: With precision and care, our expert auto technicians and machinists will drain the old motor oil from your car, leaving no remnants of old, worn out lubricant behind. We will also ensure that the oil level is at its optimum. Most vehicles require up to five quarts of motor oil, but some high mileage vehicles might need slightly more. Simultaneously, we will replace the oil filter with a brand new one, which acts as a safeguard, providing optimum engine protection against contaminants and debris.
Selecting the Right Oil: Your vehicle deserves the best, including the right motor oil. Based on our inspection results and your preferences, our auto technicians and machinists will recommend the most suitable oil for your engine. Whether it’s conventional oil for everyday driving, synthetic oil for ultimate protection, or a synthetic blend to balance the two, we tailor our recommendations to meet your needs.
Fluid Top-Offs: At Jensen Auto Service, we believe in going the extra mile. In addition to ensuring your oil level is adequate, we take the time to top off other essential fluids in your vehicle. From coolant to washer fluid, we ensure that all vital fluids are at their optimal levels, especially the oil level, contributing to your car’s overall health and performance.

The Right Time For An Oil Change Service: Consult Our Experts

Every vehicle has an owner’s manual outlining the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including oil change intervals. At Jensen Auto Service, we understand that you may be uncertain about the ideal time for an oil change. It is generally recommended to have your oil changed between 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the type of oil and your vehicle’s make and model. For an accurate estimation, refer to your owner’s manual or seek guidance from our team of experts.

Beyond Oil Change Services

At Jensen Auto Service, we go beyond the standard oil change. Our oil change service is designed to provide your vehicle with the care it truly deserves. When you entrust your car to us, our skilled auto technicians and machinists do more than just change your oil; they conduct a thorough inspection, which includes a safety inspection.

During this inspection, we also examine vital components like the air filter, lights, brakes, and other safety related components, as well as checking fluid levels. If necessary, we can perform additional maintenance tasks, such as tire rotation, to ensure even tire wear and prolong the life of your tires. Our goal is to ensure that your car operates smoothly, catch any potential engine problems before they become expensive repairs, and guarantee your safety on the road.

In addition, we utilize DVI (digital vehicle inspection) technology. Jensen Auto Service employs AutoVitals to send you a text with a digital format of your inspection, complete with pictures and detailed descriptions. This allows you, as our valued customer, to review and understand the state of your vehicle with utmost clarity and transparency.

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