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At Jensen Auto Service, we understand the role your vehicle’s clutch plays in ensuring a smooth engagement. As the leading auto repair shop in Ogden, UT, we take great pride in offering top quality clutch repair services that keep your vehicle running at its best. Our team of expert technicians and machinists are proficient in repairing clutches for both manual and automatic transmissions. We provide comprehensive services from diagnostics and troubleshooting to clutch replacement and maintenance.

Professional Clutch Inspection and Diagnostics

Identifying clutch problems requires expertise and precision, and our technicians and machinists excel in providing accurate clutch inspections and diagnostics. Jensen Auto Service utilizes advanced diagnostic tools to identify the underlying problem, enabling us to suggest the most suitable repair solution. Our meticulous approach ensures that we don’t miss any underlying problem that may affect your vehicle’s clutch system.


Whether it’s a clutch pedal problem, slipping, strange noises, or fluid leaks, we leave no stone unturned to identify and address the problem promptly. Our comprehensive clutch inspection ensures no potential issues are overlooked, giving you peace of mind. At Jensen Auto Service, we excel in clutch inspection and troubleshooting. We leave no room for guesswork, delivering precise and efficient clutch repair solutions.

Clutch Repair

Clutch Problems? We've Got You Covered

Clutch problems can manifest in various ways, affecting your driving experience and vehicle safety. We offer a comprehensive range of clutch services to address any issue you might face. From clutch inspection and diagnostics to clutch adjustment and system repair, no problem is too big or small for our skilled technicians and machinists.


Here are the common clutch problems we address:

Clutch Slipping: Clutch slipping, where the clutch fails to engage properly, causes a loss of power and reduced acceleration. Our team of skilled professionals can efficiently identify the underlying problem with your clutch and swiftly resolve it to restore its optimal performance.

Clutch Noise: Strange noises coming from the clutch can be unsettling. Whether it’s a grinding, rattling, or squealing sound, it’s essential to have it checked immediately. Our experienced technicians and machinists will identify the source of the noise and implement the necessary repairs.

Faulty Master Cylinder: If you notice fluid leaks near the clutch pedal, it might indicate a faulty master cylinder. A clutch fluid leak can lead to decreased hydraulic pressure, resulting in difficulties in engaging the clutch. Our team will trace the leak’s origin and fix it, ensuring smooth clutch operation.
Clutch Pedal Issues: Issues with the clutch pedal, such as sponginess or sticking, can be signs of underlying problems. Our clutch experts will conduct a thorough inspection and resolve any clutch pedal related issues to ensure a responsive driving experience.

Worn Out Clutch Pressure Plate: A faulty pressure plate can cause irregular clutch engagement. Count on us to expertly replace your clutch pressure plate and restore consistent performance.

Damaged Clutch Cable: Don’t let a damaged clutch cable leave you stranded. Our team can quickly repair or replace clutch cables to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Malfunctioning Clutch Master Cylinder: A malfunctioning master cylinder can lead to a spongy clutch pedal feel. Trust our experts to address the issue and restore proper clutch function.

Dual-mass Flywheel: Dual mass flywheels can develop problems over time, affecting the clutch’s performance. Our experts are well versed in dual mass flywheel repairs, ensuring your clutch system operates smoothly.

Comprehensive Clutch Repair Services

Clutch Inspection

When you bring your vehicle to Jensen Auto Service, our first step is a comprehensive clutch inspection and diagnostics. Our trained technicians and machinists use advanced tools to analyze the clutch system, identify issues, and recommend the appropriate repair solutions.

Clutch Repair and Replacement

Once the inspection is complete, we proceed with the necessary clutch repairs. Our expert technicians and machinists will handle everything from clutch adjustment and cable repairs to flywheel and pressure plate replacements. If a clutch replacement is required, rest assured that we use high quality, genuine parts.

Clutch System Overhaul

For complex clutch issues, a complete overhaul of the clutch system may be necessary. Our team has the expertise to perform even the most intricate clutch system overhaul with precision, leaving you with a like new clutch system.
At Jensen Auto Service, we believe that high quality parts are essential for delivering lasting clutch repair results. That’s why we only source premium clutch components from reputable manufacturers, ensuring your vehicle receives the best possible parts during repairs and replacements.

Don’t Neglect Your Clutch Maintenance Routine

At Jensen Auto Service, we believe that preventive maintenance is key to avoiding major clutch problems down the road. Regular clutch maintenance can extend the lifespan of your clutch system and help you avoid costly repairs. We recommend periodic check-ups to identify and address any potential issues before they escalate.


Our skilled technicians and machinists offer comprehensive clutch maintenance services, including fluid checks and replacements, adjustments, and inspections. By entrusting your vehicle to our care, you can rest assured that your clutch will operate flawlessly, enhancing your driving experience and safety.

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If you’re experiencing clutch problems or need a reliable clutch repair service, look no further than Jensen Auto Service. Whether you need clutch diagnostics, adjustment, maintenance, or a complete clutch replacement, we have the skills and resources to handle it all. Visit our conveniently located auto repair shop in Ogden, UT, or give us a call at (801) 621-4252 to schedule an appointment.
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