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Automotive Services Offered: Get the Best from Experts

At Jensen Auto Service, we are committed to providing a variety of comprehensive auto services designed to enhance your vehicle’s performance and ensure longevity. The team of skilled technicians and machinists at Jensen Auto Service is committed to ensuring that your driving experience is always at its best by providing maintenance and optimization services.


Routine Inspections: Vigilant Monitoring for Optimal Performance

Our Inspection Services are finely tuned to cover critical mileage intervals, specifically targeting the important 30k-60k-90k mile service milestones. Just as at 30 thousand miles, particular vehicle components necessitate inspection or replacement, the same principle applies at 60 thousand miles and 90 thousand miles.

These mileage markers aren’t arbitrary; they are deliberate points aligned with the auto maintenance schedule, leveraging the expertise of the car maker. Our skilled technicians and machinists approach their work with a meticulous eye for detail, conducting comprehensive assessments of your vehicle’s essential components. This proactive strategy, mirroring the principles of the 30k-60k-90k mile service schedule, enables us to spot and address potential issues before they escalate. Consistently monitoring your car’s health instills the confidence and peace of mind needed to hit the road without worry. Additionally, regular maintenance plays a crucial role in upholding your vehicle’s warranty.

Thorough Courtesy Inspection: Going Beyond the Ordinary

As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, our Courtesy Inspection goes above and beyond. Our skilled technicians and machinists perform an in-depth evaluation, meticulously examining the interior and exterior, conducting road tests, inspecting under the hood, and carefully scrutinizing the undercarriage. This thorough inspection gives you a precise and detailed assessment of your vehicle’s condition, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding its upkeep.

Wide Range of Essential Services: Expertise You Can Depend On

Beyond routine inspections, our services encompass an extensive array of essential tasks aimed at keeping your vehicle running smoothly. From County Emission Tests to Lube, Oil and filter changes, Transmission Repair, CV Axle Shaft Replacements, Brake Flushes, and Battery Services, we prioritize your vehicle’s well being from every angle. Our expertise extends to advanced tasks such as State Safety Inspections, precise Check Engine Light Diagnostics, and thorough Pre-Purchase Inspections. You can trust that every facet of your vehicle’s health is skillfully managed.

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Expert Auto Repair Technicians & Machinists: Your Vehicle's Greatest Advocates

At the heart of Jensen Auto Service lies our team of experienced technicians and machinists, passionate about their craft and dedicated to excellence. From routine maintenance to specialized diagnostics, our technicians and machinists prioritize your safety and satisfaction. They deliver unmatched quality and precision in every service, ensuring your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention it deserves. Experience the difference between entrusting your vehicle to professionals who are steadfast in maintaining its peak performance and enhancing your driving journey.

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