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Vehicle owners demand nothing short of excellence when it comes to auto repair and maintenance services. Jensen Automotive sets itself apart, not just with superior customer service and automotive expertise, but with its distinguished ASE Blue Seal and NAPA AutoCare certifications. While individual mechanic certifications are noteworthy, a repair shop’s achievement in obtaining these prestigious endorsements signifies a higher commitment to automotive service excellence. But what do these certifications actually mean for you, the customer?

ASE Blue Seal Certification: A Testament to Exceptional Competency

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a well-respected name in the automotive industry, grants certifications to individual mechanics who pass specialty exams, proving their technical competency. However, the coveted ASE Blue Seal of Excellence is a recognition that sets an entire auto repair shop apart.


For a business like Jensen Automotive to be graced with this honor, it must meet stringent requirements. A whopping 75% of its automotive technicians must be ASE-certified, covering a broad array of service categories. Furthermore, each area of service offered by the shop must be handled by a specialist, ensuring your vehicle benefits from expert care.

For customers, this translates into peace of mind. The ASE Blue Seal certification at Jensen Automotive is a beacon of reassurance that the staff handling your vehicle aren’t just skilled, they’re specialists. You’re not getting just a mechanic; you’re getting a meticulous, certified expert dedicated to upholding the highest standards of automotive care.

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NAPA AutoCare Certification: 
The Promise of Quality and Reliability

In addition to the ASE accolades, Jensen Automotive is a NAPA AutoCare Center, a title that carries its own weight in gold. This certification is reserved for top-tier auto repair shops committed to utilizing quality parts and offering impressive warranties. 

NAPA AutoCare Centers are scrutinized for their reputation, integrity, qualifications, and expertise. By bearing this certification, Jensen Automotive aligns itself with the NAPA promise – a commitment to high-quality service that utilizes NAPA parts. These parts are often superior to their off-brand counterparts, offering better performance and longevity.

For the consumer, this means when you hand over your keys at Jensen Automotive, you’re guaranteed service that not only meets industry standards but often surpasses them. Your vehicle gets top-quality parts, and you get the bonus of national warranty coverage, an aspect that’s particularly beneficial for those who frequently travel.

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Your Vehicle in Accredited Hands

In essence, when you choose a shop like Jensen Automotive, with its ASE Blue Seal and NAPA AutoCare certifications, you’re not just choosing a repair shop. You’re selecting a standard of service characterized by exceptional skill, quality parts, and the security of knowing your vehicle is in hands that value excellence and reliability above all else. These certifications aren’t mere plaques on the wall; they’re a statement – a promise of superior quality, expertise, and care for you and your vehicle. In a world where automotive repair options abound, make a choice that brings confidence. Trust your vehicle with Jensen Automotive – where certification meets customer satisfaction.

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